6 Pack.

Delight in the taste of our freshly-baked, hand-made Kaiser Rolls that are designed to satisfy your hunger. These rolls are crafted from only the freshest ingredients and baked to perfection, providing you with a delicious and delightful experience every time. With a crusty exterior that gives way to a soft and fluffy center, our Kaiser rolls are sure to become one of your go-to favorites when looking for fresh-baked bread. Whether you enjoy them plain or topped with creamy spreads, these delicious rolls pack an unmistakable crunch that will make it hard to resist going back for more! Enjoy them as the perfect accompaniment for soups and salads or as a tasty snack - the opportunities are endless! Let yourself indulge with our perfectly-crafted Kaiser rolls from Savoia Pastry Shoppe and tantalize your taste buds with unforgettable flavor.

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