*Sausage and Spinach & Cheese options are only available on weekends.

Our Stuffed Bread is available in three delicious combinations, including: pepperoni, sausage, and spinach and cheese. For those who crave a savory snack or side, our pepperoni option features tangy slices of pepperoni tucked into each roll for a delightfully spicy bite. If you’re looking for something heartier, we suggest our classic sausage stuffed roll. We fill each one with zesty sausage that bursts with flavor with every bite. Finally, our vegetarian-friendly option is perfect for those looking for something a little lighter! Our spinach and cheese combination delicately combines melted cheese and herbs inside a fluffy roll. Whether you're taking them on an outdoor adventure or packing them in your lunchbox for work or school, our Stuffed Bread from Savoia Pastry Shoppe serves as the ultimate grab-and-go snack that won't disappoint.

This item can be picked up in store

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