How do cake consultations work & when do you typically do them?

Wedding consolations take place Wednesday – Saturday. Wednesday through Friday you are welcome to walk in for a consult without and appointment any time after 10AM but before 3 o’clock. Saturday, we take 8 appointments between 10AM and 2PM on the hour. You will have the call the Shoppe to schedule your appointment.

Do you offer Wedding Cake Tasting?

Yes, we offer take home tasting kits. The kit includes our cake flavors, buttercream frostings, and filling options.

What should I bring to my consultation?

We strongly encourage you to look at inspiration for your custom cake before you place and order with us. Check out our Social Media pages such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, as well as our website. Bring any photos, color swatches, and visuals to help us understand your vision.

How far in advance should we order our wedding cake + desserts?

We typically require 1-2 week notice on specialty cakes especially when using fondant, and 3-6 months is recommended for wedding cakes but not required. All other desserts no less than 48 hours notice.

Where do you deliver wedding cakes and do you have a delivery fee?

We deliver in Monroe County only. This does include some venues in the Finger Lakes region. Delivery fees range from $45-$120. The delivery fee depends on the location. Small local deliveries (non-tier cakes) are anywhere from $15-$20.

How much do your cakes cost?

Our wedding cakes vary in price depending on size, materials used to create your product, and time. We have a list of all sizes that we offer with base pricing on our website under the wedding tab. Red Velvet + Carrot cake is an additional 15% as well as fillings are an additional 15%. Majority of buttercream decorations run anywhere from 15%-30% extra and fondant decoration is and additional 50% extra. Wedding cakes that are completely covered in fondant are an additional 100% extra.

We also offer kitchen cakes which gives you the option to go with a smaller tier cake to cut and the kitchen cakes will offer each guest a slice of cake to be served.

What flavor cakes do you make?

We offer white, chocolate, carrot and red velvet. We don’t offer gluten free or vegan cakes at this time.

What frosting options do you offer?

We offer white buttercream, chocolate buttercream, and almond buttercream. We do not frost tier cakes in cream cheese frosting or whipped cream. We also offer fondant.

It is important to understand that not all cake designs can be created using any/all means of product. For example, if you are asking for a specific design that you saw online, and that design was made of all fondant, know that all decorator’s fondant is not created the same.

Each custom cake is created from scratch – we ask that you give us advanced notice when inquiring to place a custom cake order. This provides us with ample time to fit your cake into our baking schedule, as well as our decorating schedule. Some designs may require more time based on how detailed the decoration may be. With more than enough notice, we can ensure that the proper amount of time and care are allotted to create your masterpiece.

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