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Savoia Pastry Shoppe,

our staff of skilled, high-experienced bakers specialize in the creation of custom birthday cakes and can bring virtually any idea you have to life. From traditional tiered layer cakes and custom cookie creations, to pastry trays and cookie cutouts, we go to great lengths to ensure that your cake is exactly what you have in mind.

Explore all of our custom birthday cake options below to find the one that best suits the needs of your celebration, or get in touch with our staff to discuss your goals, ask questions or place an order.

chocolate ganache cake


All cake options can have writing added on them
(ex. Happy Birthday).

smile face cookie

Cutout Cookies




Half Moon

$4.50 (2 pack)

Number & Letter Cookies

$2.75 (+)

Custom Cutout Cookies

$3.25 (+)

Cookies by the Pound



Coconut Macaroon


Tea Cookies




Almond Paste


Fig Cookies


Almond Biscotti


Dead Bones


Pastry Trays

Cannoli and Puff Tray

Starting at $73.60

Mini Sfogliatelle Tray

Starting at $44.00

Mini Fresh Fruit Tart Tray

Starting at $43.00

Mini Cheesecake Tray

Starting at $38.40

Mini Cake Tray

Starting at $38.00

Mini Mousse Dome Tray

Starting at $38.00

Cannoli Bite Tray

Starting at $32.00

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