Taste the deliciousness of Savoia Pastry Shoppe's Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza! Our personal sized pizza will be sure to make your taste buds rejoice in delight! Our pizza is made with traditional pizza ingredients, including stretch mozzarella and premium pepperoni. With our signature blend of herbs and spices, the flavor of this pizza will keep you coming back for more. Our pizza is made with all-natural, fresh ingredients, and will make the perfect snack or accompaniment to any lunch or dinner. Plus, it's big enough to feed one hungry stomach and small enough to be enjoyed in an intimate setting. If you're looking for a delicious meal with a classic and traditional flavor, this is the perfect pizza for you. Give Savoia Pastry Shoppe's Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza a try today and you won't be disappointed!

This item can be picked up in store

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