Perfect for any recipe and artisanal Italian feast, this mouth-watering bread will have your tastebuds begging for more. Made with the finest and freshest ingredients, our Seedless Italian Bread is bold and beautiful! With the perfect texture, consistency, and flavor you could ask for, this traditional Italian blend of savory flavors won't let you down. To make a simple but amazing meal come to life, start with our Seedless Italian Bread. Sprinkle each slice with a pinch of salt, bake a few fresh leaves of basil, and drizzle with a pinch of olive oil, and you have yourself a delicious, simple Italian meal. Not to mention the leftovers can be stored and used for sandwiches and paninis, too. Our Seedless Italian Bread is ideal for any crowd, big or small. Whether it's a special occasion' dinner, afternoon snack, or picnic in the park - it is sure to add an air of authentic Italian flavor to any of your culinary endeavors. Get your bread on with Savoia Pastry Shoppe - we promise it won't disappoint!

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