The Lemon Jelly Roll is a divine creation straight from the ovens of Savoia's Pastry Shoppe! This delectable treat will transport you to a world of pure dessert delight, where the delightful combination of sponge cake and zesty lemon jelly will send your taste buds dancing with joy. With every bite, you'll experience a heavenly balance of flavors that will awaken your senses. The light and airy sponge cake, delicately baked to perfection, envelops a luscious lemon jelly filling that bursts with tangy goodness. To top it all off, a dusting of velvety powdered sugar adds the final touch, making this pastry a visual masterpiece that is as stunning as it tastes. Indulge in the Lemon Jelly Roll as a scrumptious afternoon treat alongside a hot cup of tea or coffee, or turn any ordinary day into a celebration by sharing this delightful dessert with friends and loved ones.

This item can be picked up in store

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