Indulge in the rich, creamy delight of Savoia Pastry Shoppe's Quesito, a traditional Puerto Rican pastry that is sure to become a fast favorite for anyone with a taste for something truly special. This exquisite breakfast pastry is the perfect combination of a flaky, buttery crust and a sweet, velvety almond cream cheese filling, making each bite a luxurious experience. Our Quesito is carefully handcrafted by our skilled bakers, who expertly balance the textures and flavors to create a pastry that's not just a treat, but an experience. The golden, puff pastry exterior encases a lush cream cheese center, lightly sweetened to perfection, offering a contrast that's both satisfying and irresistible. Perfect for a decadent start to your day, a delightful mid-day treat, or a sophisticated addition to any brunch spread, the Quesito from Savoia Pastry Shoppe is versatile and beloved by all who try it.

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