Savoia’s wedding cakes are a tradition to the Rochester area. We have built a reputation as master bakers, using premium ingredients. We offer a variety of traditional cake flavors and specialty fillings. Each cake is a once-in-a-lifetime, luscious creation made to your personal specifications.


Brides have countless options to select their own, uniquely beautiful tier cake. We specialize in a wide variety of cakes. Besides round cakes, we make square and heart- shaped cakes. Fillings are also available, including our own custard cream, fudge, raspberry or lemon at an extra charge. We also offer chocolate cake, rum cake, and carrot cake, all frosted with our delicious buttercream frosting.

We offer cake tastings Wednesday through Saturday before 4 pm. Saturday appointments only. We have many artificial cakes in our showroom, as well as pictures to get ideas from. Please note that cakes with extra decorations are subject to additional costs.

Tier Cakes


2 Tier 25 $67
2 Tier 45-50 $125
3 Tier 70 $193
3 Tier 100 $275
3 Tier 120 $335
4 Tier 140 $385
3 Tier 180 $495
4 Tier 200 $550


Cookie Cakes


8-10 $17.25
15-20 $30.75
25 $46.15
40-45 $73.85
55-60 $99.25
75 $128.95
100 $172.70
125 $230.50
150 $285.75
200 $357.50
250 $391.95


Pastry Trays

Sweet Tables
(assortment of mini Cannolis, Puffs, Eclairs, Chocolate Raspberry Tarts, and Rum Babas) 

50 Pastries

Cannoli & Puff Tray (assortment of cream and cheese filled mini Cannolis, Cream and Cheese Puffs, and Eclairs)

48 or 75 mini pastries

Cannoli Tray
(choose from all cream, all cheese, or ½ and ½)

50-75 mini Cannolis

Mini Cheesecake Tray
(choose from blueberry, cherry, pineapple, strawberry, whipped cream, or plain)

20 or 45 pieces

Mini Fresh Fruit Tart Tray
(mascarpone whipped cream with pieces of fresh fruit)

20 or 36 pieces

Mini Cake Tray
(assorted with carrot, mocha raspberry, napoleon, + tiramisu (can customize other flavors)

20 or 36 piece

Brownie Tray
(fudge brownies topped with fudge frosting)

50 pieces

Mini Sfogliatelle Tray

20 or 36 pieces

Cannoli Bite Tray
(Tart shell filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips)

20 or 36 pieces

Mini Mousse Dome Tray
(choose from raspberry, lemon, chocolate or pistachio raspberry)

20 or 36 pieces

Mini Eclair Tray
26 pieces

Puff Tray
(inquire about our various size Puff Trays)

Serves up to 200


Hours of Operation

8:00 – 4:30 pm

9:00am – 4:30pm

9:00am – 2:00pm

MONDAY’S, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas Day, December 26th and New Year’s Day