Our History

Teresa and Michael Petrantoni opened Savoia Pastry Shoppe in March of 1929 in the heart of Rochester, NY’s eastside Italian neighborhood. As two recent immigrants from Sicily, owning this business was a dream come true. They proudly worked countless hours to ensure its success. Initially, Savoia’s was as much a gelateria as a pastry shop. Originally they made a small variety of traditional Italian cookies and pastries (Cannolis being the most notable), and all the popular Italian ices. Table service was operated until midnight in the summertime, and this establishment quickly became a gathering place for area residents throughout the depression and World War II.

New products were added in the late 1940’s, the most significant being tea cookies, and then subsequently the Italian “cookie cake”. Cookie cakes, the large, artfully arranged layers of delicious, fancy cookies were first used at wedding receptions. Now Cookie Trays, (as they are more commonly called) are a featured selection for gatherings and celebrations of all sorts as well as a favorite gift item especially at holiday time.

As the trend towards suburban living took place in the 1960’s, it was decided that Savoia’s should be relocated. In 1971 the original store was closed and a new store was opened at 2267 Clifford Ave. near the Rochester suburb of Irondequoit. By this time Savoia’s had gained a reputation throughout the region for their excellent Italian pastries, cookies, tier cakes and “all occasion” cakes.

On Clifford Ave., many more products were added. Bread became a mainstay, even though bread was an “outsider” from the traditional product line of a pastry shop. Sicilian bread, St. Joseph’s bread, and Easter bread are specialties, while Italian and French breads are a daily offering. Dessert cakes, cheesecakes, cream pies, kuchens, coffee cakes, jellyrolls, stuffed breads, and pizza are among the countless other items that presently are available for in-store shoppers.

As the variety of baked goods continues to increase, tea cookies, either in bulk or in a trayed assortment, are still the single most popular item sold at Savoia’s. They stay fresh longer than most baked goods and do not require refrigeration. They are a delight to be ordered and shipped to out-of- town customers, an ever-growing portion of the Savoia clientele.

Proprietors, Kathy and George Privitera welcome you to visit and enjoy the sweet tradition of Savoia’s.

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